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Simply put, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We’re a hodgepodge of unique personalities, hailing from various walks of life, with the kinds of experiences and skill sets necessary to collaborate and create successful, compelling work. We aren’t just an ad shop, but a strategic partner investing everything we have to garner the best results for our clients. We’re also pretty good at Wii bowling.

Tom Holmes


Tom laughs in the face of any challenge before he body slams it into the afterlife.

Paula Bazluke

Vice President :: Media

It’s common knowledge that just about everyone who meets Paula wishes she were his or her BFF.

Bill Patton

Vice President :: Digital

If Bill were a book, he’d actually be an entire encyclopedia series.

Jessie Angus

Jessie Angus

Director of Planning & Strategy

Jessie reads minds at a level above a PhD, which means she already knows how you feel about that.

the team

Brain Power Collective

We have some other people who help out. And by help out, we mean destroy convention and change the course of human existence EVERY DAY!


Our approach


We incorporate a number of special, proprietary tools, gadgets, and gizmos that only we know how to operate as part of our Discover phase. Each of these tools is essential for us to rock as hard as we do on a daily basis. We use them to gather a thorough understanding of everything that currently affects, or could potentially affect, our clients.


Raw data is important, but what we do with it is where the wonders of HMC really start to show. All the information we gather gets put into our giant, brain-powered proprietary Decipher phase machine, which uses our experience to turn that raw data into extremely valuable truth nuggets that we then refine and polish in a knowledge bath of insights.


Shiny truth nuggets sure are a sight to behold, but they won’t get you very far in the world of brands without some seriously adept minds figuring out how to put them to use in the most effective and efficient ways possible. At HMC, we call that our Distill phase.


Effective strategies are baked in the creative mind-ovens at our agency. Once they’re done, we employ the appropriate media channels to deliver the freshly baked creativity pies on behalf of our clients. We then track and analyze the results to ensure that we hit all the right taste buttons with the right people, and adjust our recipe accordingly.



The ultimate goal of our process is to combine the proper mixture of components to shift perceptions, generate sales, and arouse the kind of brand love that seems borderline inappropriate between our clients and their customers, staff, and community.


We’re capable of an inordinate amount of things from baking to drawing cartoon people. We top the charts at partnering with our clients to make stellar communications. More importantly, we excel beyond the wildest dreams at engaging in strategic business relationships; the kind that go beyond marketing production and get to the root of our clients’ problems to determine the best means for solving them.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Communications Planning
  • Account Management
  • Project Management


  • Paid Media
  • Strategy, Planning & Buying
  • Traditional & Online Media
  • Earned Media
  • Social Media Strategy & Planning
  • Community Management
  • Public Relations & Strategies
  • Owned Media
  • Content Development
  • Analytics & Performance Accountability


  • Digital Strategy
  • Integrated Digital Delivery
  • Front-End Web Development
  • User-Experience Design
  • Multimedia Development
  • Project Management


  • Concept Development
  • Creative Solutions
  • Identity Systems
  • Campaign Creative
  • Visual Design
  • Copywriting
  • Content Development
  • Production


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